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If you are planning a special event, HiFalutin Rapid Western Grill can be part of the celebration! Along with running the best steakhouse in Tucson, we also provide catering services for special events of all sizes. Whether you are having an event for 50 people or 500 people, we can provide the perfect meals and other dining options that you and your guests are sure to love.

Whether you are planning a corporate event for employees, a party to celebrate a milestone event, or even your wedding day, we can help you create a customized menu that is sure to complement the other fabulous elements of your event. It all starts with a call to HiFalutin Rapid Western Grill!

  • Pricing : No matter what your catering budget is, we will be happy to work with you to create a plan that works for you and your event! Depending on your budget, we can provide a variety of options that can work for many different types of events.
  • Menu options : Whether you are already familiar with the menu at HiFalutin Rapid Western Grill or not, you can expect to see a variety of options for your catering menu. Brunch options include favorites such as our Benedict Falutin and classic Steak & Eggs. If your event will be held closer to lunch or dinnertime, you can choose from tasty options like our Ranch House Meatloaf sandwich, Wild Bill Chicken Pasta, or Chuck Wagon Grilled Flank Steak. We also have an enticing selection of salads and starters, making it easy to customize the perfect menu for any occasion!
  • Availability : Next we will make sure that we are available for the day and time of your event. Contacting us as far in advance as possible is the best way to ensure that we will be able to reserve a time and date for your special event so you can impress your guests with a delicious lineup from HiFalutin Rapid Western Grill.

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Call us at 520-297-0518 to learn more about our Tucson catering services or to make a reservation for your upcoming event. Everyone at HiFalutin Rapid Western Grill would like to thank all of our guests for your continued support during these challenging times!