How HiFalutin Rapid Western Grill is Staying Safe During COVID-19

Going out to eat at your favorite restaurant used to be a regular activity, but thanks to COVID-19, this once regular activity has not been so regular for many patrons. Here at HiFalutin Rapid Western Grill, health and safety have always been top priorities. That’s why our Tucson steakhouse has been able to adapt to new safety guidelines and maintain a healthy environment for our staff and guests.

Enjoy a meal in our dining room or on our patio.

You can feel comfortable when you visit us for an in-person dining experience. We have always worked hard to maintain a clean and healthy environment, and our cleaning protocols have only gotten stricter as a result of COVID-19. Your group will be seated a safe distance from other diners. You can also enjoy a meal on our beautiful patio if you prefer outdoor dining.

Pick up your food or have it delivered to your home.

We are also happy to cook up something delicious for you to enjoy at home! Simply call us to place your order for takeout or delivery. Our curbside takeout services make it easy to come pick up your food and be back at home in no time! We also offer delivery so you can enjoy your favorite Tucson steakhouse meal without leaving your house.

Let us cater your upcoming event.

Are you planning a special event? Whether you are preparing for a professional or personal event, you can serve your guests the best in Southwestern-inspired comfort food with our catering services! Let us create a great selection of foods and drinks for your guests to enjoy. Our catering team will follow strict safety guidelines such as wearing masks to protect the healthy and safety of your guests.

Stay socially-distanced with our food truck.

We don’t just serve guests from our restaurant kitchen—we also have a food truck! This is a great choice if you want the dining out experience without actually dining out at a restaurant. You can stay safe and socially-distanced when ordering and then take your food wherever you feel most comfortable to chow down!

No matter how you want to enjoy your meal from HiFalutin Rapid Western Grill, we are here to provide the best experience possible! Check out our menu online or call us at 520-297-0518 to learn more about our Tucson steakhouse or make a reservation.